World's first truly E2E unified development platform open for everyone.

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For any platform

Flexn platform offers an unprecedented OS and device support. Build your solutions for mobile, web, TVs, wearables, consoles and more, all under one unified ecosystem.

In a few minutes

Our unique bootstrapping technology allows developers to jumpstart new, fully deployable projects in the matter of minutes. Take advantage of an extendable templating system while keeping 100% control of your source code.


Flexn offers both fully standalone IDE and Command line support. Pick whichever you prefer


Tired of setting up and managing countless of various projects you can go as simple as most basic json config file to get yourself up.

For any form factor

Flexn platform has been built with any form factor philosophy from the ground up. Start building for mobiles and TVs later. Expand to desktop, web, wearables later. All at little extra cost to your team and budget.

With any integration

Flexn offers a powerful plug&play integration architecture. Pick from one of the pre-built integrations or build your own, integrate and deploy instantly.

With infinite flexibility

Expand functionality of your solutions via hundreds of community plugins or build your own. Expand your app flavours, deployment schemes, platforms support, custom configurations, templates, buildHooks and more.

At any scale

Flexn allows you to rapidly bootstrap, develop and deploy your software solutions while ensuring you have room to scale to enterprise level. Build your custom deploy hooks, internal E2E templates and deployment pipelines.

Locally or in the cloud

Build your project locally or let the cloud infra do it for you. Flexn cloud infrastructure has been optimised for multi-platform app development. Utilise our Flexn Studio IDE and choose to run your builds on your machine or in the cloud anywhere from any device.

With data in mind

Take advantage of data integrations offered by Flexn and 3rd parties. Receive analytics about your product from the very first deployment of your POC all the way to Live release and beyond.

With native performance

Take advantage of all the benefits of cross-platform with native performance. Flexn platform utilises ReNative and its powerful native engine architecture. This gives developers unprecedented control over rendering pipelines.

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